Genesis Christian Mediation

Conflict is Hard…  We Can Resolve it Together 

Save Your



Divorce &

Legal Separation


& Blended Families


& Non-Profits

Conflict Left Unaddressed Has an Impact

  • loss of relationship(s)
  • families ripped apart
  • division within a church
  • separation or even divorce
  • workplaces lose effectiveness
  • hardship and pain for the kids

The impact can be devastating as the losses mount.
Countless hours that could be used in other ways, gone… Money spent on legal fees instead of family needs, ministry effectiveness, or business mission.

Conflict Has a Cost

Conflict can cause us to lose sight of who we want to be and how we see others.  When we “go to war” with someone else we lose more and more of ourselves. When anger and fear replace listening and grace, we lose sight of our commonality.

Our mediation process values relationships whether they continue or end, emphasizes common needs, and reflects God’s plan for how to approach hard things.  All this, while costing significantly less than using attorneys.


Change your conflict by learning to Listen

Mediation offers Space


Change your conflict with Clarifying questions

Mediation builds Understanding


Change your conflict by experiencing Forgiveness

Mediation is an act of Grace


… as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.  (Rom 12:18)

Mediation creates Peace

There Is A Way Foward

Lets Find a Plan For Your Conflict

Genesis Christian Mediation can help guide you through conflict to reach your goal. Our experienced staff can guide you through the steps you need to repair your relationship(s), resolve tough issues, or find a peaceful way towards a different future.

Step 1

Call or fill out a contact form for a FREE 30-minute phone consultation. We will talk about your needs and discuss our process.

Step 2

Work with us to help the other party connect with us for their FREE 30-minute consult.

Step 3

Schedule your first meeting, in person or virtually, and receive your homework. Your journey has begun.

Participating in family mediation at Genesis Mediation with their team made what was a conflict-ridden household a place we wanted to be… it became home again! 

– Karen

I desperately wanted mediation or reconciliation, but I knew that I couldn’t pull all that together. With the help of Genesis, we finally had a mediation meeting and a lot of truth came out. The end result was peace. 

– Bill MacLeod

Genesis listened and guided us through a healthy transition. They helped us make quite a few major course corrections that have left us in the strongest position we have ever been in.

– Kevin Palau