We Help Guide Schools And Universities To A Place Of Peace And Unity

Schools or universities can have destructive conflict, creating deep division within the staff or board/trustees

Repair Resolve Reconcile Restore

Leaders Seek Out A Helpful Guide When…

Leaders seek out a helpful guide when . . .

  • The staff or board is divided
  • Good people are leaving
  • Conflict is escalating out of control
  • People are forming opposing groups
  • Nothing is working!

When fear and anger replace grace and forgiveness, people lose sight of each other. Conflict takes over and nobody listens. If relationships are not repaired, people will end up leaving with bitterness and resentfulness. Your nonprofit will suffer.

Together We Can Help Restore Your School Or Nonprofit

Genesis Christian Mediation can help your school or university work through conflict toward a healthy team culture. We are all former pastors or educators who understand the skills required to resolve conflict, communicate effectively, and listen deeply. We have helped schools and universities retore relationships creating peace and unity.

The Plan To Restore Your School Or University



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How The Process Works


Repair begins with the confession of sin and apology. Each person needs to own his or her actions. Redemption is the heart of the gospel. We forgive as Christ forgave us. Together, we build a road map to restore your school or university.


Repair creates the foundation for resolution. There was a reason for the conflict. You repaired the relationship, yet still need to resolve the conflict. We help mediate issues together finding resolution. During the resolution process we help teach conflict management skills.


You cannot reconcile with unresolved conflict. Now that the relationship is repaired and conflict resolved, you can move forward to reconciliation. Your people are returning to grace and peace. Forgiveness is real. The organization feels hope and momentum again.


Restoration can only happen if repair, resolution, and reconciliation was successful. There are no short cuts. Often, restoration takes time and intentional behavior toward one another. People are changing, and with it, the culture is becoming healthy, and teams are flourishing.