You Can Repair Your Family!

Christian families can be torn apart by fighting. We work together with families to create peace. 

Every Family Deserves Peace And Unity, But There Are Problems

  • You want to avoid drama at family gatherings
  • You are tired of the fighting between family members
  • You don’t talk to your parents or kids 
  • You tried to make things better, but it didn’t work

Conflict left unresolved slowly destroys trust, communication, love, and respect. If you do not repair the relationships, your family remains stuck. 

Together We Can Create Peace In Your Family

God’s plan for families was peace, with love and respect. Together, through mediation and coaching, our team explores conflict, communication, and listening patterns within the family. We have helped many families improve their relationships so family gatherings are a blessing, not a curse.

The Plan To Restore Your Family


Get info and understand our process. We offer a FREE 15-minute consultation.


Jump into the process with us. We quickly de-escalate conflict. Together, we start the journey to peace and restoration.


Enjoy a family of peace, love and respect. 

How Does The Process Work


Repair begins with the confession of sin and apology. Each person needs to own his or her own sin. Redemption is the heart of the gospel. We forgive as Christ forgave us. We use assessments to help us together build a road map to restore the family.


Repair creates the foundation for resolution. There was a reason for the conflict. You repaired relationships, yet still need to resolve conflict. You learn conflict management skills and processes. You focus on resolving weak areas in your family based upon the roadmap we built together.


You cannot reconcile with unresolved conflict. Now that the relationship is repaired and conflict resolved, you can reconcile. You are moving together in peace and grace. Forgiveness is real. You feel hope and momentum. 


Restoration can only happen if repair, resolution, and reconciliation was successful. There are no short cuts. Often, restoration takes time and intentional behavior toward one another. The family is changing and growing. Peace and unity emerge.