Even Christian Families Have Conflict Over Care For Their Parents And Settling Their Estates

Christian families can be torn apart over aging parents and their estates

You Need Conflict Intervention If…

  • Fighting among siblings is keeping us from caring for our parents
  • Someone in the family is threatening litigation
  • Things are out of control
  • Our parents are sadden by the fighting
  • We keep going around in circles without making decisions
  • Our family is being torn apart

Genesis Family Aging Center can help your family create peace. We help families get on the same page to care for aging parents. If your world got turned upside down caring for a parent, we help you turn it right side up.

The Plan To Get Family Members On The Same Page, Resolve Conflict, And Focus On What Matters


We listen to all family members to dial down the conflict.


We mediate between family members

We resolve conflicts while seeking reconciliation


We resolve the issue

You can move forward as a family with the care of your parent or settle the estate

Genesis Christian Resolutions Links Arms With Genesis Family Aging Center


The Christians on the staff of Genesis Family Aging Center are experienced serving those with a faith background and values. We help families honor their parents.

The company was founded by

Dr. Randall Kinnison aka Doctor Peace