Genesis Christian Mediation

We Can Help You Avoid Court And Guide You Through A Peaceful Divorce

Our mediation process will save you thousands of dollars.


You Have Tried Everything, But Your Marriage Is Broken

  • Therapy did not help
  • We keep fighting
  • My spouse is giving up
  • The struggle with addiction has been too much to overcome
  • I can’t trust my spouse any longer
  • The tension and fighting at home is bad for our kids

When fear and anger replace grace and forgiveness, you lose sight of each other. Conflict takes over and you don’t listen. If you don’t repair the relationship, you may end up living like roommates or even headed toward separation/divorce.

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Genesis Christian Mediation can help you work through conflict toward a healthy marriage. We are all former pastors who understand the skills required in conflict, communication, and listening to create peace. We have helped couples seeking to repair, even save their marriage.


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Our team consists of previous pastors who understand the issues that lead a couple to divorce. We are here to support both of you through the process, working hard to keep a strong co-parenting relationship if you have children. We have mediated over a 1,000 divorces since our founding in 2005. We save the average couple between $12,000 – $25,000. Together, we guide you through a peaceful process.

Your Plan For Peace

Genesis Christian Mediation can help guide you through conflict to peace, resolution, and reconciliation.

Step 1

Get info by a 15-minute FREE phone consultation. We will be honest if you are a good candidate for mediation.

Step 2

Jump into the process with us. We quickly de-escalate the conflict. Together, we start the journey to peace and unity.

Step 3

Enjoy a marriage of peace, love, unity, and respect.

Genesis was great to work with. They made the process as easy as possible given the difficult nature of the situation.

– Dwayne


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