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You Have Heart To Serve People, But There Are Problems…

  • You don’t have enough time
  • You don’t have the resources
  • You don’t kow how to assess what help people need
  • You have experienced hinderances in collaboration

Conflict impacts your people and you: money, parenting, addiction, abuse, are just some of many areas of need. Without intervention and the right tools, conflict steals your time, energy, and focus. Meanwhile, the people you want to help continue to hurt.  

Four Ways We Can Help You Help Your People



How The Process Works


Repair begins with listening. This leads to greater empathy and understanding. The next step is confession of sin and apology. Each person needs to own his or her own sins. Redemption is the heart of the gospel. We forgive as Christ forgave us.


Repair creates the foundation for resolution. There was a reason for the conflict. You repaired the relationship, yet still need to resolve the dispute. Once the dispute is resolved, then you can move forward to reconcile the relationship.


You cannot reconcile with unresolved conflict. When the relationship is repaired and the matter of conflict resolved, now you can reconcile. Reconciliation does not mean your relationship is exactly as it was before the destructive conflict. It does mean bitterness and anger is released. Forgiveness is real.


Restoration can only happen if repair, resolution, and reconciliation was successful. There are no short cuts. Often, restoration takes time and intentional behavior toward one another. Practicing the “One Another’s” of Scripture is very helpful in the restoration process.

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